The mission of Screenflex is to provide quality, affordable portable room dividers to enable you to make better use of your facilities.  The architects designed and devoloped Screenflex room dividers with a clear understanding of your budget, building costs, and the need to make the best use of every square foot of your buildings.

Discover how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can make your facilities more versatile than you ever imagined possible...with distinct lines to serve your distinct needs.
Commercial Edition Portable Partitions,
Connector Set
.  In seconds, mobile partitions divide rooms, add privacy and security, control crowds or set up as a bulletin board.  Position control hinges secure panels in place.  Won't interfere with heating, lighting and ventilation systems.  Freestanding 22" wide panels are mounted on casters and hinged together in partitions which fold accordian style for easy portability and storage.  Choose partition heights and lengths to meet your needs.  
Create longer lengths with Multi-Unit Connectors.  Lightweight and sound absorbing with fully tackable 83% polyester/17% Olefin fabric.  DuPont Teflon fabric protector resists dirt and stains.  Self-leveling casters keep panels straight.  No assembly, installation, or exterior connections required.
Wall -Mount Partitions Fold Flat for Storage.  Instant Privacy!  Partition system mounts to wall - can be extended to any configuration.  No need for floor or ceiling track.  Won't interfere with heating/cooling systems.
Airport Inspection & Scanning areas
Utilized by offices, restaurants, airports, classrooms, churches, conference centers...
     *To Direct Traffic Flow
      *For Bulletin /Exhibit Boards
      *To make Privacy Areas
      *Create Classrooms/offices
      *To Conceal unsightly areas
      *To Block off Unused areas
      *To Create Work/Training areas
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